Microsoft Teams training demo
Users explore a key feature in Microsoft Teams
in this self-paced, scenario-based software simulation.
Project Description
Microsoft Teams is a widely used productivity tool for hybrid and dispersed work teams. Rather than simply showing people how to use the platform, we created a self-guided scenario that focuses on an authentic task that Microsoft Teams users complete on a regular basis — specifically, scheduling a virtual meeting with a collaborator. The result is a simple but effective lesson that provides self-guided practice for experienced Microsoft Teams users while offering added support for novice users.
Our Approach
  • We replicated the Microsoft Teams environment so learners could practice in a realistic setting.
  • We created a job aid and embedded it in the lesson so learners could download it for future use.
  • We designed a "virtual assistant" that learners can access during any step of the simulation. Users can pull information when and where they need it, allowing them to customize the learning experience to match their level of proficiency.
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