PowerPoint - Convert Placeholders to Textboxes

Change selected generic PowerPoint objects to text-specific objects.


Typical Applications

Unless overridden by the user, PowerPoint defaults to pre-populating new slides with a title and a content placeholder. Although this behavior can be changed by editing the master slide or selecting appropriate layouts while creating slides, those preparations are most often not used by novice individuals who tend to create many of the original drafts and decks that tend to be the core materials being improved upon by skilled designers.

Use this command to convert text-filled placeholders to separate textboxes in cases where the original bullet point list is not going to be used in the new version of the deck and each text item instead will be animated individually.


Using the Feature

Follow these steps to use the feature.



Expected Result

Following are before and after images showing the result of the conversion.


Before the conversion, there were two shapes upon the page; a title and a content placeholder.



After the conversion, there are a title and three separate textboxes.