PowerPoint - Remove Bullet From Paragraphs

Quickly convert bullet point lists to single lines of text.


Typical Applications

One case where this feature is useful is the scenario where a presentation that was created in the past using the default template needs to be modernized, re-designed, or exported to another system meanwhile using a much higher bar of expectation for the new result. In such a situation, where high-volume work is being applied to a presentation to which default styles had been employed, one of the first steps will be to make these types of non-destructive conversions that place the base data in a state making it much more malleable in preparation for the upcoming steps.


Before and After

Following are before and after illustrations for a paragraph modified by this action.



Before the action has been run, each line in the paragraph is prefixed by a bullet point.



After running the action, the bullet points have been removed.



Follow these steps to remove bullet from one or more paragraphs.


Activity Description

Use the following illustration and accompanying description table to identify the parts of the Remove Bullet From Paragraphs panel.







Conversion Scope - All Slides

Perform the conversion on all slides where bulleted text is found.


Conversion Scope - Current Slide Only

Only make conversions on the current slide.


Conversion Scope - Slide Number X

Convert bulleted text on the slide specified by index.


Convert All Text with Bullets

Convert all text with bullets found within the specified slides.


Convert Selected Shapes Only

Convert bulleted text only in the selected shapes.


Shape Selection List

List of shapes eligible to be selected.