Storyline - Enable Video Compression Drop-Down

Enable the video compression drop-down menu in Storyline.


Background Information

In certain cases, your video will be of a very low quality, and you will not be able to deactivate Storyline's automatic compression feature because the control is disabled or greyed-out.

The problem of disabled video compression control happens at the very least whenever you have refreshed the video by right-clicking on the video in Storyline, then from the context menu, have selected Replace Video / Video from File. There appear to be other, seemingly random circumstances in which this can occur.

Use this action when you are not otherwise able to enable the video compression drop-down in order to disable compression.

A brief article incorrectly identifying the problem appears at:

An unresolved discussion of this issue can be found at:



Use these steps to re-enable the Video Compression drop-down control in your Storyline file.