Storyline - Import Focus Order from CSV File

Take on massive changes to focus order with shapes in a Storyline file and finish in minutes instead of hours.


Background Information

Focus order is not just for accessibility, it is used to drive the focus from active element to active element on the display. While, in many cases, the default focus order created by Storyline can be correct in using a left-to-right, top-to-bottom sequence, that order is not always correct. In some cases, the order is completely wrong. Consider a simple usual case where the correct ordering of objects on the screen is columnar (top-to-bottom, then left-to-right). In such a case, all of the focus order assignments on all but the top-left item will have to be reset, and if there are hundreds of items on multiple layers, the task of making this simple change can take several hours.

Storyline users have expressed their frustrations with the extreme amount of time required to adjust the focus order of objects, as shown in the user complaints originally found on the Articulate discussion forum at:



This action represents the completion step for focus order values originally exported using the action Export Focus Order to CSV File. If you haven't yet created the export data, please do that first.

This action allows you to import the focus order of objects to your slide from a CSV file where values in the Index column have been re-indexed to any order you prefer.

Follow these steps to import the file.