Using the User Manual


In this version of Ambassador-64, the entire user manual is accessible from the User Manual panel. Click User Manual in the left navigation pane to open the Table of Contents document.



Following are the different types of navigation allowed within the user manual.


Table of Contents

This user manual begins at the Table of Contents, which links to every available page. Whenever you are reading a topic in the pop-out window, you can click the Table of Contents button to start back at the beginning.



Whenever you can click to move somewhere else in the documentation, a word or phrase will be colored in bright blue, and it will be bold in style. Clicking on that word or phrase will open the implied page.

At the bottom of each page, you will find Previous and Next links that take you to the previous or next subjects in the chain, respectively.


Previous Topic / Next Topic Toolbar Buttons

Similarly to the Previous and Next page hyperlinks, clicking either of these buttons will take you to the previous or next topics in the chain, respectively.



Click the Copy toolbar button to get a rich-text copy of the current page that can be pasted into most word processing applications and HTML editors.


Click the Print toolbar button to print the current page to PDF or a physical printer.