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Branching Scenario Demo

This video lesson shows how we built a branching scenario using advanced navigation techniques in Articulate Storyline 360.

Project Description

Branching scenarios are one of the tools we use to create realistic practice opportunities. In this example, we used number variables to create a more streamlined and responsive branching scenario in Storyline 360. We drew from our prior knowledge of high reliability organizing to create an example that challenges users to identify strategies for improving a company’s resilience.

Our Approach

  • We programmed the demo so that learners will see the scenario introduction only when they need it — that is, when making their initial choice. The scenario introduction is hidden on subsequent attempts.​

  • As an example, we chose a realistic business problem, then gave learners three possible options for solving it. ​

  • Rather than telling learners outright if their choice was correct or incorrect, we showed them the consequence of their choice and let them infer whether their choice was appropriate for the situation.​

A screenshot from the lesson showing the three options learners can take in the scenario. Text below it reads: See a walkthrough on YouTube.

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