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Cultural Negotiation for Nurses

This interactive job aid provides just-in-time support for nurses providing culturally responsive care.

Project Description

Job aids are a powerful tool for reinforcing core skills and behaviors in the flow of work. For this project, we used Articulate Rise to create an interactive job aid for health care providers. It provides actionable guidance for negotiating situations in which a patient’s cultural needs conflict with their treatment plan. An organization could upload the job aid to their server and make it available on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Teams. This resource is designed to supplement a larger training program on culturally responsive care.

Our Approach

  • The mobile-friendly format allows nurses to quickly access the job aid from their mobile devices. The navigation menu allows them to easily jump to the section they need most in the moment.

  • The Discover section invites nurses to reflect on a realistic scenario that illustrates cultural negotiation in action.

  • A process interaction and communication checklist in the Practice section give actionable steps for using the core skills that support successful cultural negotiation.

  • The Reflect section invites nurses to think critically about their experiences with cultural negotiation. This practice is based on the adult learning principle that people’s own experiences are a rich resource for learning.

A screenshot from the job aid shows reflection questions nurses can ask themselves. Below it, the text reads: See the full project in Articulate Rise.

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