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Instructional Design Training

This video lesson uses illustrative analogies and a practice activity to teach an instructional design model.

Project Description

Several months before she and Daniel founded Ascendant Design and Training, Bridget developed a video course for Dr. Cristina Alvarez, talent and development innovator, that taught instructional designers how to apply the Backward Design model. She worked closely with the client to outline the course, draft storyboards, and develop the finished video in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Our Approach

  • Bridget worked with the client’s budget to create an effective learning tool without the added expense and extra hours required for interactive eLearning development.

  • She collaborated with the client to create comprehension checks and instructive feedback that learners could use to test their understanding.

  • Bridget used her expertise with Microsoft PowerPoint to create a professionally-developed video rich with images, narration, and illustrative diagrams.

A screenshot from the lesson shows a self-guided knowledge check. Text below it reads: Watch the lesson on YouTube.

Project Gallery

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