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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Users explore a key feature in Microsoft Teams in this self-paced, scenario-based software simulation.

Project Description

This demo walks users through the process of scheduling a new virtual meeting in Microsoft Teams.

Instead of simply showing users how to schedule a meeting, this self-paced lesson allows them to practice the skill in a virtual sandbox created in Articulate Storyline 360. Learners navigate through the steps of the process at their own pace, getting help from a virtual assistant when they get stuck. The result: Advanced Microsoft Teams users get a quick refresher on a core skill, while new users receive more intensive support at each stage of the process.

Our Approach

  • We replicated the Microsoft Teams environment so learners could practice in a realistic setting.

  • We created a job aid and embedded it in the lesson so learners could download it for future use. 

  • We designed a “virtual assistant” that learners can access during any step of the simulation. Users can pull information when and where they need it, allowing them to customize the learning experience to match their level of proficiency.

A screenshot from the training showing users how to find the calendar in Microsoft Teams. Text below reads: See the full project in Articulate Storyline

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