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Interactive Scenarios

Story-based learning that gives people opportunities to practice core skills, receive timely feedback, and get support when and where they need it most.

We develop interactive scenarios that allow your learners to practice mission-critical skills that drive organizational performance.

Our scenarios challenge learners to apply new knowledge to authentic problems they’re likely to encounter on the job. We work closely with your subject matter experts to craft realistic scenarios that are based on real-life problems. Each scenario includes diverse, relatable characters and memorable storylines that make the learning experience stick.

As your learners progress through the scenario, they will practice making critical decisions. Real-time feedback will illuminate their strengths and highlight areas for improvement. The result: Your employees get the benefit of learning by doing without the costly consequences of making a mistake in real life.

Ready to take your skills training to the next level?

Book a discovery call today to explore how we can help you design authentic interactive scenarios.

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