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About Us 

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Meet the Team

Software developer and instructional designer. Husband and wife.

A dynamic team that works.

A profile photo of Bridget Manley. She is a middle-aged white woman with dark brown hair and glasses wearing a black-and-white polka dot blouse.

Bridget Manley

Vice President

Chief Learning Officer

Bridget Manley is an eLearning specialist with a passion for helping learners become effective agents in their careers and in their communities.

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A profile photo of Daniel Patterson. He is a middle-aged white man with close-cut dark brown hair wearing a blue button-up shirt.

Daniel Patterson

Vice President

Chief Technical Officer

Daniel is a Software Systems Developer with over 30 years of multi-disciplinary experience in software, electronic, and mechanical design.

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Our Values


We forge long-term relationships with our clients that are built on trust, respect, and shared values. When you partner with us, your priorities become our priorities. We strive to be the team you love to work with.


We care about details. Seriously. Our tested processes ensure each deliverable is clean, solid, and fully functional regardless of whether it's in the alpha, beta, or gold level of development.

Ethical design

We believe learning design has the power to shape cultures and change minds. We take our ethical responsibilities seriously and work to create training that builds a more just, diverse, and tolerant society.

Ascendant Design and Training stands with the people of Ukraine.

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