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Small Business Webinars

This series of virtual webinars provides Wyoming business owners with practical guidance on the core knowledge and skills required to successfully run a business.

Project Description

In spring 2021, Bridget became a supplemental advisor for the Wyoming Small Business Development Center Network’s CARES Act Recovery Program. The program provided free support and advising for Wyoming businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, we partnered with the Wyoming Navigator Program, an entrepreneurial support network designed to help traditionally underserved business communities in the state. For this program, we provide training on a wide range of business topics including networking, software tools, and eCommerce.

Our Approach

  • We research best practices and current trends to deliver up-do-date, actionable information to our audience.

  • We create polls and open-ended questions to gauge the audience’s prior knowledge and promote critical thinking.

  • We encourage participants to share their thoughts and questions in the chat, creating a more interactive learning experience.


To date, more than 380 people have registered for our webinars. We’re proud to be an ongoing partner with the Wyoming SBDC Network and the Wyoming Community Navigator Program.

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Project Gallery

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