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Being a Fair Lender

This demo shows how to create bank compliance training using scenario-based learning and interactive comprehension checks in Articulate Rise 360.

Project Description

We built this course using publicly available information about federal Fair Lending Laws that banks must follow when issuing loans to customers. The course is designed to help bank employees apply their knowledge of Fair Lending Laws in authentic situations.

Activities Include:

  • Flash cards that define key terminology in the law

  • A sorting exercise where learners discover what behaviors are discriminatory and why

  • An “Ask a Specialist” activity in which learners can discover the answers to frequently asked questions

  • A scenario in which learners must apply the law when considering a customer for a loan

Our Approach

  • We translated regulatory language into learner-driven interactions that challenge participants to apply the regulations to their daily decision-making.

  • The lesson allows users to make choices and learn from the consequences — just like they do in real life.

A screenshot from the fair lending training shows the introductory slide from the scenario. Text below reads: See the full project in Articulate Rise.

Project Gallery

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