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Video: Being a Fair Lender

Lenders discover what fair lending is and why it’s important in this brief video teaser for a larger eLearning course.

This video is an example of how to generate interest and demonstrate relevance for a learning experience by marketing it internally to learners. In a real-life situation, this video would be part of an onboarding packet for lenders and managers in a bank.

Our Approach

  • We used compelling visuals and direct language to draw viewers into the topic and clearly illustrate why they should care about fair lending.

  • Advanced transitions create a dynamic viewing experience that balances visual interest with instructional integrity.

  • We used a text-only approach to accomodate learning in various environments.

  • We created a compelling call-to-action that clearly describes what viewers should do next.

Tools used:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • OBS Studio

  • ShotCut

Watch the video

A screenshot from the fair lending training shows the introductory slide from the scenario. Text below reads: See the full project in Articulate Rise.

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