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We create learner-centered training solutions that drive improved performance.

About Us

We're a boutique instructional design firm that specializes in helping businesses invest in their employees' growth and development.


We help shape the future of work by creating learning solutions that meet critical business goals and help employees thrive. Our clients rely on us to identify and implement best strategies for improving how people learn at work. 


We work backwards to determine what expert performance looks like, what makes it difficult, and what learning experiences will help team members achieve mastery.


We pull from an extensive range of learning tools and models to create the right training resources for your workforce. 


We leverage the depth of our combined experience to help you work through the workplace performance problems that keep you up at night. 

What Our Clients Say

Vanessa Alzate

Founder & CEO

Anchored Training

"Wanted to take a moment to #brag on how awesome Bridget Manley was on a recent project of mine. Her work was great, [she] asked amazing questions of the customer during knowledge transfer, and was proactive in providing recommendations. By the time we went to develop in Rise, it was smooth sailing because of all the work she did to lay the groundwork for us!"

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Small Business Basics


Video: Being a Fair Lender

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Introduction to Microsoft Teams

Software Training

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